Friday, February 15, 2013

Missing Arctic Ice Causes Normal Arctic Ice | Real Science
Missing Arctic ice has caused disruptive weather patterns to set up, which have led to normal Arctic ice.
Scientific American – Without The Science, Or The American | Real Science
It is easy to see why Hayhoe and Dessler ignore the record prior to 1970.
Six Consecutive Years Of Above Normal January Snow Cover | Real Science
Leading climate experts keep telling us that skiing is doomed.
The Big Picture Of USHCN Adjustment Fraud | Real Science
The whole NCDC US temperature record is a complete fraud. The thermometer data shows no temperature increase since 1900.
Kenya’s climate change exercise – Shub Niggurath Climate
Incidentally, why does Kenya want a climate bill, one wonders. It turns out, that it wants to ‘reduce’ greenhouse gas ‘emissions’. The aborted law had a provision to throw you in jail, for five years, if you flouted it. Not kidding.

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