Friday, February 15, 2013

The Value of Climate Amenities: Evidence from US Migration Decisions by Paramita Sinha, Maureen Cropper :: SSRN
At median temperatures for 1970 to 2000, a 1°F increase in winter temperature is worth less than a 1° decrease in summer temperature; however, the reverse is true at winter temperatures below 25°F.   [I'm undecided at which to do first when skimming this abstract:   Scoff or snicker?]
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'Green bubble' bursts in Spain with $37bn electricity system debts: Reuters
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Looking forward to exploring communication of climate knowledge, including uncertainty, at 3pm

Session: Understanding and Communicating Uncertainty in Climate Change Science (2013 AAAS Annual Meeting (14-18 February 2013))
A wide consensus of climate scientists agrees on the many underlying facts around climate science, but these facts are not widely accepted by policy-makers or the general public.
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No KXL+ $100 oil still = drilling deeper (Gulf) farther (Arctic) worse (Nigeria)

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