Monday, February 04, 2013

New paper finds Greenland Istorvet icecap was smaller than the present 1000 years ago
A paper published today in Quaternary Science Reviews examines fossilized plants at the edge of the Istorvet ice cap in East Greenland and determines the ice cap "was smaller than the present from AD 200 to AD 1025." The ice cap subsequently grew during the Little Ice Age [LIA] and then retreated to the present size significantly larger than was present during the Medieval & Roman warming periods.
Peabody CEO: Super Bowl blackout provides case for coal |
“Without coal, you might as well turn off half the lights not just for our favorite games but also for our cities, shops, factories and homes.”
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds natural variability controls CO2 levels, not man
An important new paper published today in Global Biogeochemical Cycles finds that "In contrast to recent claims, trends in the airborne fraction of anthropogenic carbon [dioxide] cannot be detected when accounting for the decadal-scale influence of explosive volcanism and related uncertainties." In other words, after accounting for the large effect of volcanic eruptions, ENSO, and other uncertainties upon natural CO2 sinks, trends in the man-made fraction of atmospheric CO2 "cannot be detected."
Temperature Stagnation Suddenly Being Discovered In Climate Models…Erred Scientists Desperately Clinging!
Germany’s catastrophe-obsessed Die Zeit is now claiming that climate models have in fact predicted long temperature stagnation after all. Suddenly, periods of temperature stagnation are appearing in models everywhere, climate scientists are discovering.

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