Monday, February 04, 2013

There Is No Such Thing As Perennial Sea Ice | Real Science
Alarmists have this idea that Arctic sea ice used to be very old, but it all melted after the civilian Hummer was invented.
Biden vows climate change action in meeting with French president |
Biden said Obama was “committed” to a “united effort” on behalf of “young people in both our countries” whose lives could be altered by global climate change.
Andrea Mitchell: Storms Show U.S. Needs To Go It Alone If Necessary On Climate Change |
Andrea Mitchell isn’t about to let a good hurricane go to waste in her push for economy-wrecking climate change regulations.
Lisa Jackson: Sorry she didn’t do personal outreach in ‘rural America’ |
She could have inoculated the poor rubes from the spread anti-EPA-ism.

“If I were starting again, I would from day one make a much stronger effort to do personal outreach in rural America,” Jackson said. “Had I known that these myths about everything from cow flatulence to spilled milk could be seen as ‘The EPA is coming to get you,’ I would have spent more time trying to inoculate against that.”
Flashback: Silence the Cows and Save the Planet |
In 2010, the U.N. proposed a global levy on livestock’s methane emissions, a measure that was promptly — and unavoidably — dubbed a fart tax in the press. A similar surcharge was proposed in the U.K. three years earlier, and farmers howled

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