Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New paper finds IPCC models fail to simulate the most important natural weather patterns
A new paper published in Global and Planetary Change finds that IPCC climate models are unable to reproduce either the El Nino Southern Oscillation [ENSO] or the Indian summer monsoon, the two most influential natural weather patterns on Earth, both of which have large effects upon global climate. The authors therefore caution that, given these large uncertainties of natural variation, current models cannot be relied upon to project future global warming from greenhouse gases. According to the authors, "More research in improving the current day simulations, improving model capacity to simulate better by improving the greenhouse gases (GHG) and aerosols in the models are some of the important and immediate steps that are necessary."
New paper from NOAA demonstrates that El Niño has more impacts than climate on winter weather in the USA | Watts Up With That?
NOAA research finds new way to identify which El Niño events will have biggest impact on U.S. winter weather
Mistake in First California Carbon Auction Raises Questions About Secrecy | JunkScience.com
“Some market players have expressed concern that the $16 million mistake overstated the real demand for carbon permits and set the price for carbon artificially high (“settlement” price of the first auction was about nine cents higher than the $10 floor price). It was a gaffe that ensured the auction would sell out, and a “hitch” that was never made public by regulators.”
Big snowstorm could ease drought in central U.S.
"We'll put up with a blizzard to get this critical moisture rather than the alternative of no blizzard -- as we aren't in a position to be too choosy about how we get that moisture!" Svoboda said.

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