Monday, February 25, 2013

Polar Meltdown Quiz | Real Science
Global sea ice area is above normal. This is because :

Global warming and polar amplification is really kicking in
The missing heat is forcing cold water to the surface
CO2 is raising the freezing point of water
It is all rotten ice
PIOMAS predicted this
Bette Midler warned that this would happen
Manhattan is underwater
It is really cold at the poles
Fossil fuel divestment on college campuses
Australia’s carbon tax
Are Electric-Car Enthusiasts a Little Too Enthusiastic? |
It’s wonderful that plug-in owners love their cars so much. Good for them. But that shouldn’t stop them from being honest about how expensive the vehicles are, and how they’re more limited than gas-powered cars in terms of driving range.
Blizzard Clobbers Amarillo, Wichita, Kansas City
"This blizzard is following a storm which just dumped a whopping 14.2 inches of snow on Wichita and 11.0 inches on Kansas City," stated Meteorologist Brian Edwards.

The snow from Monday's blizzard will likely cause this February to become Wichita's all-time snowiest month, a record currently held by February 1913 and its 20.5 inches.

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