Monday, February 25, 2013

Quick, everybody, radically change your lifestyles!: CO2 has allegedly helped Lake Superior sea lampreys expand to 10% of their peak population 60 years ago

Warming Lake Superior stresses wildlife, observers say - Thunder Bay - CBC News
The National Wildlife Federation in the U.S. says radical change is ahead for the world’s largest freshwater lake because it's heating up rapidly. The overarching theme of the report, called "Wildlife in a Warming World: Confronting the Climate Crisis," is that climate change is the biggest threat wildlife will face this century.
“With the warming water temperatures, we're noticing the sea lamprey are starting to do a little better and are getting bigger,” [Wildlife Federation spokesperson Melinda Koslow] said.
Sept 2012: You know why longer growing seasons are bad? Because sea lampreys may become bigger
Kitchell says lampreys currently are only at 10 percent of what they were at their peak population 60 years ago.

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