Sunday, February 17, 2013

Port Belagua Navarre (Spain) under the snow disappears - Video
Walls of snow up to nine meters (29½ ft) high – More than three stories deep!...Nobody remembers this much snow on this port Navarre.
C3: Newest IPCC CMIP5 Climate Models Fail At Global Temperature Predictions Too!
Billions upon billions have been poured into climate research and the infamous climate computer models - after those untold billions, the newest CMIP5 climate models are still unable to predict global temperatures with any accuracy
1952 Shock News : Arctic Melting At An Astonishing Rate – Seaports To Drown | Real Science
The glaciers of Norway and Alaska are only half the size they were 50 years ago. The temperature around Spitsbergen has so modified that the sailing time has lengthened from three to eight months of the year
Audubon Global Warming Horror Story: 177 bird species move winter ranges north |
What’s the problem?
Arctic Ice Thickness – The Same As 1940 | Real Science
Average Arctic sea ice thickness in 2012 is about two metres – identical to what it was this week in 1940.
What Happened To The Feedbacks? | Real Science
Hansen’s theory was based around the idea that small changes in “CO2 forcing” (makes me gag to use that term) would trigger all kinds of really bad things, which would feed back and produce an exponential rise in temperature.

Instead, temperatures have flatlined for 16 years – so they have switched over to making up BS about extreme weather.

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