Sunday, February 17, 2013

[Walking the walk]: Obama Eases Into Second Term With Golf Weekend in Florida - Bloomberg
According to the website for the Floridian, members and guests also have the use of eight cottages; a deep-water marina; a 61-foot Viking Yacht; a private helicopter service; a spa and fitness center and a teaching facility.
The Battle for Britain has begun. | Greenpeace UK
we want to see carbon-free electricity by 2030.
Ed Davey is strong on science, not so strong on the causes of science | Science |
The actual speech wasn't in all-caps but it felt a bit like being repeatedly beaten over the head with a Tyndall Centre report. I wanted to reach for my own shift key and shout BUT YOU ARE EMASCULATING PUBLIC DEBATE TO REDUCE IT TO SIMPLY THE SCIENCE. AND GOOD SCIENCE DOESN'T SCREAM ANYWAY.

Except maybe good climate science does scream, a bit.
Climate Conversation Group » Cooking up warming
Anyway, people keen on a climate crisis have noticed the hiatus (while pretending it doesn’t exist) and have become desperate to demonstrate that it’s still warming — it really, really is. What are they to do? They can’t just abandon “the greatest challenge in human history” as though the last 20 years of their lives have been a complete waste of time, even though they were. Imagine the humiliation.

So they search, as might be expected, for secondary, even tertiary, effects of warming and cite them as evidence that it has, after all, and in defiance of the failure of the thermometers to record warming, been warming. Now they talk confidently of “many lines of evidence”, none of which is the slightest bit convincing.

If these events occurred during global warming, we might agree they are the result of warming. But they have all occurred in the almost complete absence of global warming, which kind of breaks the spell. It spoils the illusion of DAGW. Because if the globe didn’t warm while these things happened, our burning fossil fuels had nothing to do with them. They were the result of natural variability and there’s no cause for concern.

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