Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Smoking Gun That PIOMAS Is Complete Crap | Real Science
PIOMAS shows that Arctic ice has gained only 25 cm (10 inches) thickness since October. That number is absurd, after four months of temperatures far below freezing.
BMW Adds Wind Power to Sidestep Merkel’s Power Bill - Bloomberg
Four wind turbine towers will soon supply almost a quarter of the power used at BMW’s Leipzig plant
UK Government Nightmare: Energy Bills Sky High And Rising | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
The average dual fuel bill per household is £1,420 a year. That compares to an average of £885 in January 2008. More than six million households in the UK are struggling to pay their energy bills.
Nursing prejudice: how climate change activists are prisoners of their own politics » Spectator Blogs
When one understands the ‘ethical’ choice that Stern made, it is easy to see that immediate cuts in carbon emissions, brought about by ‘curtailing the freedom of individuals or companies or nations, and curbing some kinds of industrial activity’ are not necessary at all. They are simply Nurse’s ethical, philosophical and political preferences. And they are ugly ones at that.

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