Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Of course: Former EPA chief “Richard Windsor” had some buddies « Hot Air
So, it turns out that multiple officials within the Obama administration may have been using ‘unofficial’ e-mail accounts to try to fly their controversial agenda beneath the radar of public notice and hide the agency’s pervasive “we do what we want, the costs be damned” attitude? Meh. Just a day in the life of the Obama administration, a.k.a., The Most Transparent Administration, Evah.
Boulder Escapes Global Warming | Watts Up With That?
In short the city that has a hyper active response to “Global Warming” never experienced it !
The UN’s Food Police « NoFrakkingConsensus
The 25-year-old IPCC is a template, a prototype. The UN is employing that template again and again in an attempt to exert influence over an ever-expanding portion of our daily lives.

And large numbers of educated people – academics, scientists, and experts – appear eager to assist.
Twitter / PeteDominick: WOW Im gone only 2 weeks and ...
WOW Im gone only 2 weeks and POTUS starts booking Climate Science denialists from the Infamous Heartland Inst. Sad.
Twitter / Sci_Phile: If you removed all the world's ...
If you removed all the world's ships from the oceans, global warming would replace the displacement in 16 hours

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