Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Uh oh: Michael Mann suggests that the Keystone pipeline would have a measurable impact on climate change?

TransCanada: Pipeline would not affect climate
Oil carried by Keystone will displace heavy crude from Venezuela, Nigeria and other countries that also contributes to global warming, Pourbaix said. "You could shut down oil sands production tomorrow and it would have absolutely no measurable impact on climate change," he said.

Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, said Pourbaix's comments appeared to be based on "some rather rosy assumptions" about oil sands production. First, the calculation does not take into account the energy cost of refining and transporting the oil from tar sands, nor does it account for a huge reserve that could make the Alberta tar sands a key contributor to global warming in the future, he said.

Mann, who opposes the pipeline, said U.S. approval of Keystone XL would encourage increased development of the heavily-polluting tar sands. Canadian officials have called development of the tar sands a national priority.
Twitter / RyanMaue: Good to know that climate ...
Good to know that climate scientists are the go-to people for information about US & Canadian energy policy.

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