Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The warmists’ electric car crashes | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
A tale of green carpetbagging and the dangers of politicians, armed with your money, deciding they can see the future - a future they can’t distinguish from their dreams.
Al Gore-backed green energy firm fined for violating minimum wage law |
The law in California is $8/hour; the company paid $2.66/hour… in pesos.
1974 Shock News : Ominous Global Cooling Causing Droughts And Floods | Real Science
Government scientists are much smarter now and know that global warming causes droughts, floods, and massive tragedies – rather than global cooling.

Regardless, John Cook has proven that the global cooling scare never happened.
Meteorologists warn of February ‘deep freeze’ across Nordic states
Several locations in Finland set new record lows in December and January
Coming Up On The 40th Anniversary Of The Worst Tornado Outbreak In US History | Real Science
The worst tornado outbreak in US history occurred when Nixon was president, in April, 1973

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