Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Warmist Greg Laden: "positive feedbacks are numerous and often alarmingly potent while negative feedbacks are rare and weak"; global warming is causing more cold snaps than predicted

Daily Kos: The Credibility of the Anti-Climate Change Science Industry
...It is now possible to reconstruct temperatures and precipitation patterns for many regions of the world, and globally, for hundreds of thousands of years of time with accuracy approaching that which would be achieved by sending hundreds of meteorologists equipped with instruments back in time, without the use of time machines. Which is good, because time machines have not yet been invented (nor, apparently, were they invented in the future!).
It turns out that the sum of negative feedbacks, reducing warming, and positive feedbacks, enhancing warming, do not balance out; positive feedbacks are numerous and often alarmingly potent while negative feedbacks are rare and weak. Burning a whole lot of fossil fuel makes the atmosphere and the seas warmer, and this, in turn, causes additional warming through numerous positive feedbacks. The only really strong factor causing cooling seems to be the occasional massive volcanic eruption which temporarily cools the atmosphere when upper level dust blocks sunlight or keeps some of the sun’s energy at high altitude where it returns more directly to space. The absolute amount of energy we get from the sun and its interaction with a dynamic atmosphere and magnetosphere also affects global temperature, but only a little.
...In reality, as models produced several years ago have been tested against measured reality, that reality has been at or above the predicted upper limits of change for many measures. We are experiencing warmer years than previously predicted. We are experiencing more severe weather events, including storms and drought, as well as flooding, heat waves, and cold snaps than predicted, the sea level has risen more than predicted...
Shockingly, there really has not been a significant moment in the last fifty years or so of climate measurement and modeling where climate scientists backed off on any major prediction of warming or its effects; rather, every year sees the opposite. The situation is found, again and again, to be worse than previously thought....there seems to be a cottage industry of global warming denialists. In fact, I’m not sure there is an equivalent cottage industry of pro-climate science activists, or at least not in the same way. There is a handful of climate science denial web sites, and when the authors of those sites tell their readers a certain thing, those readers act. I’ve been at the butt end of this a number of times myself. If I criticize, for instance, Anthony Watts at Watts Up with That Blog, even for something that has nothing to do with global warming, he sends his readers to my blog where they leave dozens and dozens of obnoxious, sometimes threatening, often only barely literate comments (most of which get deleted because my site isn’t that kind of place). I hang out with a lot of pro science people (scientists, science communicators, etc) and I can tell you that we do not have an army of commenters we can send somewhere. Watts, other semi-professional or professional denialists have followers who appear to have this as a hobby. And, in fact, there seems to be some evidence that in at least some cases, these hobbyists could pick up a little cash throwing themselves into the fray.

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Robert Austin said...

What can one say to such pitiful nonsense. Laden is clearly delusional.