Sunday, February 03, 2013

Wind Power Fraud
The manufacture, installation and operation of wind power facilities will consume more than 3 times the energy they will ever produce
A New Kind of Rain | Digging in the Clay
Referring to the recent flooding and last year’s drought:
[Lord Smith, chairman of the Environment Agency] “Last year taught us that weather patterns are getting more extreme,” says Lord Smith. “If you’d said to me a decade ago that we’d have a year in which the first three months would be facing a serious prospect of very severe drought, but we’d then have nine months of the wettest period since records began, I’d have just said, ‘No, that sort of extreme weather does not happen here in Britain.’ Increasingly, it does.
Oh puhlease!
The New Nostradamus of the North: Pachauri's Sustainability Circus in New Delhi
I wonder whether someone has counted how many times such "illustrious luminaries" and "global thought leaders" as Labour Lord Prescott, NYT columnist Thomas Friedman, professor Jeffrey Sachs, former president Tarja Halonen and their likes have criscrossed the globe - of course flying first class and staying in five star hotels, directly or indirectly at taxpayers' expense - on this kind of useless sustainability/climate change/global warming junkets?
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: NOAA Slays the Billion-Dollar Disaster Meme
Smith and Katz have properly identified the severe limitations to the NOAA billion dollar loss database. Any bets as to whether NOAA will issue a press release as a corrective to its earlier hyping of the index and promoting its misuse? Even if they don't, the new paper is a valuable contribution.

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