Monday, June 17, 2013

Are these people on dope? Busy bureaucrats in Seattle are working to prevent CO2-induced bad weather and also looking at allowing indoor marijuana growing

Indoor Marijuana Grows Could Hamper Seattle's Climate Change Goals | Northwest Public Radio
Monday, the Seattle City Council is expected to endorse a Climate Action
Plan to make Seattle “carbon neutral” by the year 2050...The city council is also looking at zoning rules to allow indoor marijuana growing in Seattle.

O’Brien says for him, that’s not compatible with addressing climate change.

O’Brien: “The idea that we’re going to take agriculture that traditionally grows outside using sunlight for energy and put that inside buildings and use electricity or other fuels to fuel growing, that creates a big problem for me.”

A study last year in the Journal of Energy Policy found growing marijuana indoors currently sucks up the same amount of energy as two million average American homes.

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