Monday, June 17, 2013


FEATURE-Religions seen slow to go green; Pope has chance to inspire | Reuters
"Americans allow their politics to inform their faith," said Katharine Hayhoe, an evangelical Christian and climate scientist at Texas Tech University.
Raising awareness of the environment could be a step to modernize the Church, besieged by scandal for covering up sexual abuse of children by priests and whose strict moral traditions are often at odds with a increasingly secular society.
Twitter / PaulREhrlich: #ECONOMICS -- needs to be read ...
-- needs to be read by all those who don't understand growth is the disease and not the cure Pls. retweet
Obama leaves climate change-fighting tool on shelf for now | Reuters
And while environmentalists are eager to use the statute to consider the long-term impacts of climate change, industry groups worry the added layer could be crippling to projects.

"Let's say you want to build a solar farm. Well, were those solar panels built in China using coal power? How far back do we trace these supposed impacts?" said Bill Kovacs, a senior energy adviser with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
..."Time is running out to do something meaningful that will have an effect in Obama's second term," Frampton said.
A Don’t-Miss Science Conference July 13-14 | Heartlander Magazine
The theme of this year’s meeting is “Science and Common Sense v. Alarmism and Disaster.” The agenda promises many thoughtful, science-based discussions on how to apply science to reduce real threats to society while not wasting valuable resources pursuing junk-science alarmism.

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