Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are we all OK with Texas warmist Katherine Hayhoe getting paid by Delaware to predict that CO2 will make Delaware summers like those in Savannah, Georgia?

Climate Change Means Hotter Weather in Delaware | Delmarva Public Radio
Expect Delaware summers to get hotter and temperatures closer to those of Savannah, Georgia.
That’s what national climate expert Katherine Hayhoe told a state panel yesterday if global warming is left unchecked.
The Texas Tech University professor worked as a consultant on a report called the Delaware Climate Change Impact Assessment.
She said that a certain amount of change has already occurred adding that the state needs to plan for reducing their impact.
The $46-thousand report comes as the panel plans to give its final recommendations by November

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Anonymous said...

Hayhoe is beyond incompetent. How she's managed to hold on to her job is anyone's guess. Her idiotic public comments about global warming, which is non-existent, should have earned her a pink slip long ago.

By uncritically regurgitating the AGW "consensus" talking points, she's managed to endear herself to a legion of fellow alarmists, who are just as clueless and empty-headed as she is.

Keep talking, Hayhoe. With each silly new comment about impending global warming doom, you confirm the unscientific idiocy of the "climate change" movement.