Thursday, June 27, 2013


Despite Obama climate tantrum, global coal use to increase 17.5% over next 5 years |
In the U.S., experts say it would take decades to develop enough capacity from other fuel sources to supplant coal. Last year, cheap natural gas pushed electricity generation from coal down to 37%, but coal has rebounded to about 40% this year as natural-gas prices have increased.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Its am Outright LIE to say ...
Its am Outright LIE to say storms like Sandy are from of co2 induced warming. cold pdo/warmamo driver for hi impact US east coast #1950s
Twitter / SariannaMankki: @kuminaidoo: "current leaders ...

: "current leaders are the biggest bunch of losers we have ever seen"

Fossil-fueled Mick Jagger praises President Obama’s climate change speech | Twitchy
Flashback: Rolling Stones Front Man Mick Jagger Arrives at Machu Picchu : Peruvian Times
Jagger arrived in Cusco Wednesday on a private jet

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