Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brainwashed Kalamazoo middle school students weigh in on alleged ozone layer holes caused by CO2

Mattawan Middle School: People should work to stop global warming |
Imagine a world, hot and dusty, all water long dried up with no life to be seen. That could be Earth if global warming goes on the way that it is. It is a major problem that can be stopped!

Global warming is the heating up of the Earth’s surface due to holes being made in the ozone layer. These holes are caused by all the carbon dioxide in the air...If global warming continues it may destroy all of the icecaps and drown cities like Kalamazoo. I'll tell you one way to reduce the problem. You need to make cheaper electric cars so people will want to buy those instead of regular gas-guzzling cars. So unless you want Kalamazoo [elevation 784 feet] under water , I think you should make electric cars and stop some factories from producing so much pollution.

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