Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sage advice from Jerry Brown to nurses: If you want your union to remain relevant, focus on preventing CO2-induced bad weather

Gov. urges nurses to help fight climate change - San Jose Mercury News
Brown said the nurses should use their organizing might to tell the public that the survival of future generations is at risk.

He said focusing on climate change could also help the union remain relevant as labor union membership erodes each year.


Derfel Cadarn said...

It appears that Governor Moonbeam has lost nothing off his screwball over the years. You could not pretend to be this shallow or this stupid.

papertiger said...

You know what's more stupid and shallow than that?

The nurses union marching across the Golden Gate bridge to stop the Keystone pipeline a few days later.

Brown to nurses union:
"Whose been a good girl for uncle Jerry? (in his koochie koo voice)

Sit. Sit. Now roll over.
... Good girls."

Say why would a nurse's union be in such dire straits that they have to put up wt this crap from Brown?

Could it be Jerry knows something the nurses union doesn't about the soon to be rolled out Obamacare?