Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bummer: Left-winger Chris Matthews suggests that CO2 will sink Miami ‘probably this century’

Chris Matthews: ‘Climate change’ will sink Miami ‘probably this century’
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews broke the news last night. Miami, at less than five feet above sea level, will be consumed when the ocean rises three feet. This will happen “most probably in this century” and the city will become a new “Lost City of Atlantis.” Except, presumably, everyone will know exactly where it is.

Here’s Chris, blaming politicians, businessmen, and deniers for the “probable” destruction of what could have become the “greatest city of the Western Hemisphere.”


LOCKJ said...

Proof he is wrong - after all that bellowing it is not C02 after all it is again the evil CFC that cause AGW . .

Panama Jack said...

Perhaps Matthews should team up with Democrat Hank Johnson of "Guam will tip over" fame and suggest that all those New Yorkers stop retiring to Miami because surely, like Guam, the weight of all those people is suppressing Florida and adding to Miami's flooding problem!

gocards said...

Matthews? Is that clown still around?

George Daddis said...

Ever compassionate, I will offer Chris (or any of his non-questioning followers) 10 cents on the dollar for any Miami waterfront property they are presently stuck with.