Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Obama's Climate Change Speech: More Hot Air
The core problem with President Barack Obama's speech on climate change is that it rejects environmental science in favor of the utopian idea that we can, acting collectively, control the weather. His beliefs on climate resemble his beliefs about the economy, in which he has repeatedly suggested that careful stewardship by the government will prevent the booms and busts of the past. He is committed, a priori, to statist management.
Obama's Climate Change Agenda a Solution in Search of a Problem - Yahoo! News
President Obama's environmental/green energy agenda has already failed the test of the democratic process. Even when Congress was controlled entirely by Democrats, it recoiled from passing cap and trade. So the president intends to use executive orders and the regulatory process to get his way no matter what Congress or the people think.

The result of all of this, if not stopped, will be a punch in the gut to the weak economy, a loss of jobs, and all for no purpose whatsoever except, as an adviser stated according to the Weekly Standard, to wage a "war on coal."
Ken Braun: Climate-change heretics argue global warming alarmists divert attention from more serious issues |
Lots of corporations make a ton of money from those hallucinatory wind and solar delusions, and most climate alarmism true believers and politicians give them cover. But some heretics within the climate change movement are now preaching against the myth. And as Dyson said, they’re probably the ones with the better ideas.
Editorial: Kill the carbon tax, don’t flog it on others | The Province
[Premier Christy Clark] has reportedly told her new environment minister, Mary Polak, to push the notion on as yet unsuspecting regional governments around the continent with the view to “levelling the playing field” for B.C. The green gang who support the carbon tax claim it has not hurt B.C.’s economy so it is interesting that the Liberals feel they need to flog carbon taxes on other jurisdictions. That shows that the government knows full well that the tax places B.C. at a competitive disadvantage with other regions of North America.

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