Wednesday, June 19, 2013


In Berlin, Obama will invoke JFK, Reagan to push climate change |
Following a well-worn path to Germany's Brandenburg Gate, President Obama plans to invoke America's most important speakers at the Berlin landmark -- John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan -- as he seeks to revive his promise to curb climate change.
In his speech, JFK famously called himself "ein Berliner," while Reagan called on the former Soviet Union to "tear down" the Berlin Wall that separated the democratic West from Communist East Germany. Neither mentioned climate change or global warming.
1927 Arctic Trip Ruined By Extreme Heat, Fires And Melting Permafrost | Real Science
the motor party journeyed to 270 miles north of the Arctic Circle, prepared for freezing weather. To their continued astonishment the temperature was never’ less than 90 degrees in the shade. The intention was to reach the Arctic Ocean, but 40 miles of marsh country on the coast prevented this
1934 : 100+ Degrees In Alaska | Real Science

Record Slow Fire Season Continues : Burn Acreage Less Than One-Third Of Normal | Real Science

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