Wednesday, June 19, 2013


American Lung Association’s Misguided Support for Wind Power — MasterResource
“Obviously, nobody wants dirty air, but the American Lung Association’s knee-jerk renewables advocacy is mainly emotional and not grounded in fact.”
Two years to a 1740-type event? | Watts Up With That?
One of the puzzles of the last 300 years of climate is the temperature drop of 1740. It came out of the blue after a number of warm years in the 1730s. There is nothing in the Be10 record or the volcanic record to suggest a cause.
New Zealand - Bitterly-cold winds, freezing temps and up to 1 metre of snow
“Severe wind chill will stress livestock,” MetService said.
North Carolina - 7th coldest Spring on Record
“This spring wasn’t just seasonable. At some points, it was downright wintry!”
The New Republic on the ‘pause’ | Climate Etc.
In the end, the so-called scientific consensus on global warming doesn’t look like much like consensus when scientists are struggling to explain the intricacies of the earth’s climate system, or uttering the word “uncertainty” with striking regularity. – Nate Cohn

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