Thursday, June 27, 2013


Green is the color of corruption | Human Events
President Obama’s declaration of dictatorial, Congress-be-damned war on “climate change” was particularly welcome to hedge-fund billionaire and megabucks Obama donor Tom Steyer. And why not? Steyer stands to make a bundle from his beloved President’s decision.

You see, President Obama seems intent on killing the Keystone XL pipeline. And what do you know? Steyer’s Farallon Capital just happens to have major holdings in a competing pipeline company called Kinder Morgan, whose TransMountain pipe is carrying tar sands oil from a different part of Canada to Asian customers. And they’re looking to expand this operation until it’s bigger than Keystone XL would be!
Twitter / borenbears: Add this: I couldnt resist, ...
Add this: I couldnt resist, when James Painter asked what % of journos have math degree; I shouted out 113%; real answer: 5% #wcsj2013
Twitter / LittleIceAge: Cold and cloudy weather has ...
Cold and cloudy weather has slowed down this years ice melt in the Artic.
Twitter / mjhsinclair: All of the rhetoric about onshore ...
All of the rhetoric about onshore wind being competitive with conventional energy was just bullshit, wasn't it?
No UK households have completed green deal process, figures show | Environment |
Not a single home in the country has been modified to fully meet the energy efficiency plan as take up remains 'worryingly slow'

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