Thursday, June 27, 2013


Marc Morano, from, on Obama's "We Need to Act"on Global Warming - YouTube
[7 minutes] Marc Morano, Executive Director of, joined Steve to discuss President Obama's "national plan to reduce carbon pollution, prepare our country for the impacts of climate change, and lead global efforts to fight it," saying Obama is going to do this all "behind the scenes," and called it "mockery."
Twitter / borenbears: .@EU_ScienceChief: manmade ...
.@EU_ScienceChief: manmade climatechange real: 'we need imediate action because whats happning is actualy happning quite quickly’ #wcsj2013
Twitter / borenbears: ‘99.3 pct of academic ...
‘99.3 pct of academic publications implicate human activity in climate change’ says @EU_ScienceChief Anne Glover tells #WCSJ2013
Twitter / borenbears: ‘Science is based on ...
‘Science is based on skepticism, but deniers for me are more on the flat earth society’ says Anne Glover @EU_ScienceChief #wcsj2013
Twitter / borenbears: ‘climate change is something ...
‘climate change is something abstract until the moment you have it in your house’ says @EU_ScienceChief showing Europe flooding #wcsj2013
The green president : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery
[11-min video] Charles Adler exposes the fatal flaws in President Obama’s climate change plan.

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