Sunday, June 23, 2013


The Arctic Unmelts – Joe Bastardi Shows North Pole Was Unfrozen In The Summer of 1962
At about the 5:20 mark, Joe shows how a lack of ice at the North Pole in the summertime is really nothing unusual. Above is the North Pole in 1962 in the summertime.

Joe comments, “If this were occurring up there now, everybody would be going out of their minds. [...] All the mainstream media and enviro-blogs would go crazy, right?”
Senator: Obama climate rules a ‘game-changer’ for carbon tax proposal - The Hill's E2-Wire
“When the president changes the executive side of the status quo and puts in strong regulations, they now have the predicament that they have to comply and the cost of their compliance comes entirely out of their pocket, whereas if they run over to Congress and work with their friends, they can solve the problem another way that frees up revenues that can help them with their cost of compliance,” [Whitehouse] added.
Boris the sceptic | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
London mayor Boris Johnson, tipped by some to be Britain’s next Prime Minister, is outing himself as a climate sceptic
Obama climate plan likely dooms nomination of McCarthy for EPA chief |
The Obama EPA may never have another Senate-confirmed administrator.
Carbon tax dying, Labor’s credibility dead | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Julia Gillard shattered her credibility by giving us a ludicrous carbon tax that won’t last two years

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