Sunday, June 23, 2013


Andrew Weaver’s intergalactic ballistic boomerang | The View From Here
...Andrew Weaver, a Victoria based “climate scientist” whose brief summary of AR4 included a declaration that this tome “revealed climate change to be a barrage of intergalactic ballistic missiles“.
World Bank offers shoddy climate catastrophe - Lomborg | Facebook
It is depressing the World Bank has embraced such worst-case thinking in a series of highly tendentious reports, co-written by Germany's leading doomsayer Schellnhuber and Bill Hare, long-term Climate Policy Director for Greenpeace.

The report estimates that temperatures will increase 0.7℃ in about 20 years (by the 2030s). This is almost *twice* as fast as the fastest increase over the past 160 years. It is exactly twice the rate of the 1980s and 1990s, when temperatures rose the fastest. And given the almost flat recent temperature, it is more than 4000% of the temperature rise in this century so far.
Green Financial Armageddon In Spain | Tory Aardvark
Being the world leader in producing something like chocolate fireguards is probably not something to be real happy about, they look might look good, but they don’t work that well when the fire is lit, much like wind turbines don’t work when the wind is at the wrong speed or in cold spells the turbines free solid for weeks at a time. Just about any totally economically nonviable industry can be kept afloat if taxpayers are forced to throw enough money at it, but once the money runs out the mirage industry will collapse.
Wolves Help to Fight Climate Change
A new study has discovered that predators help to fight climate change. Plant matter stores a huge amount of carbon, yet herbivores eat plants. When predators hunt and kill the herbivores they are allowing a few more plants to survive and grow.

ENN gave examples of the elk and grasshopper that can be found in abundance on wild grasslands in the US. Both consume large amounts of carbon absorbing vegetation, but are in turn killed and eaten by wolves and ambush spiders.

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