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NOAA Three Months Ago : Corn Belt Drought To Get Worse | Real Science
As usual, NOAA got it exactly backwards
2008 Arctic Rowing Flashback | Real Science
In 2008, Lewis Pugh tried to Kayak to the North Pole from Svalbard. He made it about 2% of the way to the pole, before he was forced to turn around by ice and cold.

The MSM dutifully reported his spectacular failure as a victory against global warming.
The ice on that side of the Arctic always extends about 1,000 km from the pole, even in winter.
2008 Arctic Rowing Flashback | Real Science
[comment by Sparks] Get the media on the phone because I have came about 384,400 km from walking on the moon, which is a much greater achievement!
PrawfsBlawg: A Pessimistic View of Global Warming
But in a show [This American Life #495] that was devoted to finding ways out of the standard debates about climate change policy, I was surprised to hear nothing like the following view:
We may well be causing climate change, but it's not clear there's anything we as individuals or we as a country are really equipped to do about it. So much of the damage is already done, and so much of the future damage will be caused by activities that the United States government can't control, that no useful policy proposals that are plausible-- or even conceivable given our current political institutions. Thus, the science of climate change really isn't relevant to any important decisions, or even any important political activism, until scientific solutions or political institutions radically change. We can just ignore it.
Climate change, business top Secretary of State Kerry’s two-day visit to India |
NEW DELHI — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in New Delhi to urge fast-growing India to curb emissions that contribute to climate change.

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