Sunday, June 23, 2013


Here comes the sunny skies: President Obama pivots to climate change - Washington Times
What’s missing so far is any authentic discussion of the flawed science and data manipulation that has gone into much climate warming reasoning. The jury is still out of whether mankind or cow-emitted methane has caused either the rising or falling of the planet’s temperature. Also missing is that fact that opportunists have arrived: federal spending on climate warming “research” is approaching $2 billion a year, according to some press reports.

Also in the mix: environmental concerns and climate change languish at the bottom of the list of public worries say several opinion polls, bested by, oh, you know. The economy, jobs, national security
Addressing Climate Change is Legacy Building Stuff. YOUR Legacy. – Greg Laden's Blog
Listen: The right wing is already off the mark. They are running full steam down the field intent on intercepting this particular pass. Meanwhile, the progressives are sitting on the bench crying in their beers and feeling sorry for themselves. This is not good, and frankly, it is more than a little embarrassing.
Living Rich and Famous, Obama Style — The Patriot Post
Writing about the opulence of this administration in "Presidential Perks Gone Royal," author Robert Keith Gray notes that $1.4 billion in taxpayer funds was spent on the Obamas last year, including "the biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever" and Air Force One "running with the frequency of a scheduled air line."

Not only does Obama have the audacity to chastise corporate use of aircraft, but among the high profile sequester cuts Obama demanded was the cancelation of traditional flyovers at the Air Force and Naval Academy graduations two weeks ago.
Obama’s Double Standard on Global Warming
Next week Obama will bypass Congress and using “Executive Privilege” will make energy more costly for all Americans, because it’s somehow good for the children. Then he and a huge entourage will fly back to Africa to promote cheap affordable energy for Africa, because it’s good for the children.

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