Friday, June 28, 2013


T. Boone Pickens smells coal blood, returns to warmism stage |
The opportunist natural gas man apparently thinks this is a good moment to bury coal. No Boone, we haven’t forgotten about the bogus Pickens Plan.
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: Not a single response to my ...
Not a single response to my open invitation to defend Obama Admin's claim of increasing disaster costs due to climate change #climatesilence
Twitter / Foxgoose: #Climate Guardianistas wail ..

Guardianistas wail & rent their vestments at thought of plentiful, cheap energy - "Woe, woe & thrice woe!"

Using Electronic Cigarettes Can Help to Ease the Global Warming Crisis | Jun 28, 2013
To help alleviate the crisis of global warming, we propose smokers to use electronic cigarette  [By the way, this quote comes from an employee of an electronic cigarette company]
Grade school science howler from Ken Caldeira: ‘CO2…forms carbonic acid (the same thing that makes soda fizz)’ | Watts Up With That?

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