Friday, June 28, 2013


Historic Bullshit Levels From An Out Of Control Press Corpse | Real Science
What a pile of crap. Santa Fe is expecting 88F and rain this weekend. Flagstaff is expecting 93F and rain. All of Colorado is expecting rain. These people have absolutely no shame.
Obama's Climate Five-Year Plan -
The central planners in communist governments were notorious for issuing massively detailed top-down five-year plans to manage every facet of their economies. The accumulating inefficiency and waste produced by this sort of rigid planning led eventually to the demise of those regimes.
Global Warming Rowers Facing Third Highest Ice Concentration On Record | Real Science
The rowers are planning on publicizing disappearing ice, by rowing through the third most concentrated ice pack ever recorded in the western Arctic.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Analysis finds the Medieval Warming Period was global and unrelated to CO2
In contradiction of another of Mann et al.'s contentions, Krenke and Chernavskaya went on to unequivocally state - on the basis of the results of their comprehensive study of the relevant scientific literature - that “the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age existed globally.”
Canada – Green Pariah or World’s Best Reputation? | NoFrakkingConsensus
Activists & journalists insist that Canada’s climate policies have destroyed our international good name. But survey results released yesterday indicate – for the 3rd consecutive year – that we have “the world’s best reputation.”
Moniz Damage Control: No ‘war on coal’; Obama for ‘all of the above’ |

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