Friday, June 21, 2013


An Ensemble Of Models Is Completely Meaningful, Statistically: Update | William M. Briggs
Update Although it is true ensemble forecasting makes sense, I do NOT claim that they do well in practice for climate models. I also dispute the notion that we have to act before we are able to verify the models. That’s nuts. If that logic held, then we would have to act on any bizarre notion that took our fancy as long as we perceived it might be a big enough threat.

Come to think of it, that’s how politicians gain power.
- Bishop Hill blog - Brown out
...Stop advocating the subsidy of alternative energy sources where those sources cannot pay for themselves. Stop opposing the burning of carbon for fuel while it is needed to sustain civilization, and recognize that if the world economy crashes, if civilization falls, it will be a disaster that easily rivals the worst of your fears from a warmer climate.
Global Savings: Billion-Dollar Weather Events Averted by Global Warming — MasterResource
“For every billion-dollar weather disaster identified as being ‘consistent with’ human-caused global warming, there are probably several other potential billion-dollar weather disasters that human-caused global warming averted.”
New Zealand - Ski Patrol Rescues Three Rogue Sheep
The current reported snow depth on the storm boards in the Saddle Basin is 150cm and Ski Patrol have reported areas where the snow depth is currently two metres (more than 6 ft) including the area in which the sheep were discovered.
Summer Solstice : Arctic Basin Full Of Ice | Real Science

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