Friday, June 21, 2013


Deep Dips In Climate Science Intelligence | Real Science
During the 1970s ice age scare, climate scientists blamed deep dips in the jet stream and extreme weather on global cooling. Now they blame them on global warming.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds most severe droughts in the Himalayas occurred when CO2 was 'safe'
A paper published today in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres reconstructs droughts in the western Himalayan region over the past ~550 years since 1460 and finds the periods of severe drought occurred when CO2 was "safe." According to the authors, "The reconstruction revealed persistent severe droughts in 1780's followed by 1480's and relatively lesser magnitude droughts in 1540-1560's, 1740's, and early 20th century. The pluvial [rainy] conditions observed in 1948-1958 and 1986-1996 standout over any other period of such duration." The IPCC falsely claimed that the primary Himalayan water source [glaciers] would disappear by 2035, but this new paper demonstrates that the most severe droughts occurred naturally without any possible human influence.
HADCRUT4 – Largest One Month Rise in Temperature Anomaly Was in 1862/1863 | sunshine hours
A change of .969C. Before CO2.
Know your enemy : the climate activist. | Pointman's
They talk about helping out the poor and the needy, but are quite simply indifferent to the very real suffering their policies visit upon those people. The big dirty central lie at the heart of their politics is that they really care about the poor, whether in the developed or developing world. No matter what they say, their policies rather than their words condemn them as power-hungry, callous elitists, quite happy to sacrifice the poor on the bloody altar of Gaia.

Their strength is that they’re good organisers, from knowing how to manipulate the levers in the higher circles of political power, right down to organising the unthinking foot soldiers on the street. They’re deft at shaping and getting their message out to the propaganda machine, otherwise known as the mainstream media, but their fanaticism occasionally blinds them to how unacceptable their message is to the ordinary person. Blowing children into bloody lumps of meat in the hastily withdrawn 10:10 video was a spectacular case in point.

They’re great talkers but poor listeners and that’s compounded by them only ever taking counsel from their own kind. If they got out of their own ideological bunker a bit more, their propaganda might be more effective.

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