Friday, June 21, 2013


Climate change: A cooling consensus | The Economist
We have not been awash in arguments for adaptation precisely because the consensus pertained to now-troubled estimates of climate sensitivity. The moralising stridency of so many arguments for cap-and-trade, carbon taxes, and global emissions treaties was founded on the idea that there is a consensus about how much warming there would be if carbon emissions continue on trend. The rather heated debates we have had about the likely economic and social damage of carbon emissions have been based on that idea that there is something like a scientific consensus about the range of warming we can expect. If that consensus is now falling apart, as it seems it may be, that is, for good or ill, a very big deal.
The Economist on The New Republic on the ‘pause’ | Climate Etc.
We’ve lost decades in climate science by failing to pay adequate attention to natural climate variability.
Study finds climate change to shrink bison, profit | Science Codex
Scientists predict that temperatures in the U.S. will increase by 6-8 degrees Fahrenheit during the next 75 years.
Twitter / CHedegaardEU: Voting starts today! What do ...
Voting starts today! What do YOU think are the best and most innovative solutions to create a ?
Think tank a false climate prophet
A free-market think tank has been heavily pushing climate change scepticism.

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