Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Wind firm sued by state of Minnesota files Chapter 7 bankruptcy | StarTribune.com
“I’ve never run into a scam this big, and I hope never to run into another one like it,” said Gerald Crowell, a farmer near Windom, Minn., in an interview Monday.
He bought a windmill from Renewable Energy for $200,000 in 2010, and paid for half of it in advance. A tower for the windmill was constructed, but he never received a wind turbine to put on it.
Crowell suspected something was wrong when Renewable Energy asked him last year for another $100,000 payment in advance of the project’s completion.
But Crowell refused: “I figured they were going to go belly up.”
"How (Some) Poetry Can End Global Warming" - Robert McNally, June 23, 2013 - YouTube
[31-minute video] The core of the bind in which we find ourselves is spiritual, the result of a relationship that turns every being beyond the human into other.
Twitter / enviroblack: Just read #Obama's much-hyped ...
Just read #Obama's much-hyped '#climate leadership' speech... oh dear...
[Warmist Seth Borenstein takes unnecessary fossil-fueled trip to Helsinki; suggests that CO2 causes bad weather]: Weird Weather, Global Climate Change and the Media | WCSJ2013
Extreme weather is cropping up around the globe with increasing frequency: Hurricane Sandy in the United States, heat waves in Europe, and severe droughts in Africa. Easter Sunday, 2013, in the UK was the coldest on record. Is this weird weather the new norm? And how well is the media doing in writing about the changing weather and its connection to human-induced climate change?

Seth Borenstein, National Science Reporter, Associated Press, Washington, DC, US

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