Monday, June 24, 2013


Compost sparks fire that destroys home - New York News | NYC Breaking News
TUPPER LAKE, N.Y. (AP) — Firefighters in Tupper Lake say a compost pile near a deck spontaneously caught fire over the weekend, destroying a house.
The Insiders: The president plans to raise your power bill
As I have written before, I believe the president is ideologically motivated when it comes to global warming. He believes American lifestyles are unnecessarily wasteful and that we should temper our ambitions and adopt a lifestyle more to his liking. Essentially, it would suit him if we all lived in a college town and rode a bicycle. Also, I believe part of the president’s motivation for his pointless act is punitive. Obama wants to punish America for its wasteful past. But of course, the rules don’t apply to him and his family. A life of large homes, private jets, big cars and cash payments from the oil and gas industry await him in his private life. Just ask former vice president Al Gore. Voters notice that Democrats have a blind spot to the hypocrisy that surrounds global-warming politics.
Report: Brazil is at climate change crossroads | RTCC Climate Change News
Brazil’s government faces tough decisions over whether to back its expanding renewable energy sector or increase investment in its huge deep-water oil reserves, a new report warns.
Obama Climate Change: Why the President's Promises Are Just Rhetoric

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