Thursday, June 20, 2013


Last Day of Spring Brings Record Cold! - Western Massachusetts Breaking News
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) Today is the last full day of spring but early this morning it felt a little more like fall. Temperatures all across western Massachusetts fell into the 40′s. In fact, a new daily record low was set today, June, 20th at The Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee, where the official temperatures are kept. The temperature fell to 44 degrees breaking the old record of 45 which was set in 2004.
» Climate Reality in Istanbul - Global Climate - Ice-Blog - DW.DE
the highlight of the weekend was the chance to spend ten hours in Al Gore’s presence soaking up every morsel of knowledge he could give us in that time. As Vice President of the United States, Mr. Gore was often referred to as wooden and robotic in his speaking style, but when it comes to climate-related issues, he is far from either and his style sometimes resembles that of a Baptist preacher when he gets really passionate about a topic. The audience could not get enough of Mr. Gore’s enthusiasm and motivational words, and at times, I was moved to tears as he inspired me to do more to win the conversation” on climate change.
US bank's CO2 boss to advise board of $100 bln climate fund - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, June 20 (Reuters Point Carbon) – The global head of carbon markets for investment bank Bank of America Merrill Lynch has been appointed to represent business in developed countries on the board of a $100 billion U.N. climate fund.
NZ carbon wedged near record lows as foresters keep selling - News - Point Carbon
BEIJING, June 20 (Reuters Point Carbon) - New Zealand emission permits remained pinned near record low levels at NZ$1.80 this week as forest-owners continued to offload NZUs and looked to exit the market, traders said.
NYC’s official website explains why NYC’s official compost plan can’t possibly work | Grist
the government website (updated as recently as 2011) still explains that composting, essentially, can’t and won’t work.
Basically, the city explains, composting would cost too much because only a few hard-core eco-freaks would do it

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