Thursday, June 20, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - Science Media Centre's casual misrepresentation
The Science and Technology Committee's first hearing on public understanding of climate science was, as expected, a bit of a charade, with softball questions being tossed by green-tinged MPs in the direction of like-minded witnesses. There was little by way of truth-seeking behaviour and precious little truth and light either, and the impression you get is that most of the MPs on the committee have little or no interest in the issues being discussed. It really leaves a very poor impression of Parliament.
Obama Vs. Obama | Real Science
Sea level has been rising for 20,000 years, but Obama is going to stop it now.
Twitter / Foxgoose: Ex chair admits ABC "captured" ...
Ex chair admits ABC "captured" by loons - broadcast said we'd all be dead in 87yrs (should be 97 surely ;-)
Twitter / elonmusk
Tomorrow night: fastest gas pump in LA vs Tesla battery pack swap
[If they're going with battery swaps now, will they still rolling out Supercharger stations across the country?] Finally the WSJ gets Tesla - Tesla is a Carmaker, But it Could Also be a Gas Station (no subscription required) | Forums | Tesla Motors
[May 2013] Tesla currently has only 8 Supercharger stations, and said this week it will triple that number by the end of June and have 100 operating within a year. By then, the company said, “the Tesla Supercharger network will stretch across the continent, covering almost the entire population of the US and Canada. The expansion of the network will mean that Model S drivers can take the ultimate road trip — whether that’s LA to New York, Vancouver to San Diego, or Montreal to Miami – without spending a cent on fuel.”

Who else is rolling out the same kind of rapid-charging network? So far, there’s nobody doing things on this kind of scale.

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“the Tesla Supercharger network will stretch across the continent"

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