Saturday, June 22, 2013


1901 : Alarming, Permanent, Climate Disruption | Real Science
Obama promises to fix all this, by taxing electricity.
Global Warming Assumes Room Temperature (cont) | National Review Online
[Mark Steyn] But I have a personal interest in the matter. National Review’s publisher, Jack Fowler, and I were in DC Superior Court last week for the opening number in our trial for mocking fantasy Nobel laureate Michael E Mann’s “hockey stick“. (If you can spare a buck or two, feel free to chip in. We’re as desperate as a PBS pledge drive but without any Bill Moyers tote bags for premium subscribers.) As usual, learned counsel caution one not to do too much yakking about the case, but one can’t help be struck by how much Dr Mann’s side relies on an appeal to authority at the very moment when the so-called authorities have never looked less authoritative.

Still, whatever the Times and New Republic say, President Obama in Berlin stuck with the old Nineties apocalypse shtick: “This is the global threat of our time,” etc. Even in a speech of fatuous platitudes, the global warming stuff fell as limp as Dr Mann’s hockey stick. For a supposedly cool guy, Obama sounded like the last stiff in town still doing the Macarena.
Gut check on 'Climate Change' - Brattleboro Reformer
...These and other developments have thrown the Shumlin Climate Theology into the recycling bin, along with phrenology, Lysenkoism, spooks and goblins. The sooner all of Shumlin's yearned-for "climate change" taxes, mandates and subsidies are repealed, the better for Vermonters and our economy.

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