Saturday, June 22, 2013


40 consequences of 10 wet summers: what will a decade of rain do to us? | UK news | The Guardian
For those of us who remember the long, hot summers of our youth, how certain can we be – short of going back through the weather records – that these memories are accurate?
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Time Mag: Electric cars depreciate up to 50% in one year
Let’s Hope You’re Not Trying to Sell an Electric Car Anytime Soon
Latest from the #Climatefail Files | Power Line
...But this definition of the “consensus” includes nearly 100 percent of every identified climate skeptic, whose chief dispute is whether the models and the evidence substantiate the claim that we face catastrophic warming of 4 degrees C or more. This is one reason why the constant refrain about the rock-solid “consensus” has been so dishonest from the beginning. Cohn’s failure to reinforce the old alarmist prediction is the dog that doesn’t bark in this article. These are exactly the observations that when offered a decade ago (and even if quoted from the IPCC itself) got you condemned as a “denialist,” and if this article had appeared in The New Republic 10 years ago, it would have been attacked as a denialist brief.
Science Magazine 1949 : Global Warming To Make Americans Shrink, Siberia To Dominate The World | Real Science

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