Saturday, June 22, 2013

Links launches petition drive against Google for supporting skeptic dinner |
What’s next, banning skeptic web sites from Google searches?
Dramatic Fossil Fuel Powered Climate Change On Venus | Real Science
97% of experts say that climate change is primarily due to man’s activities. The increase in extreme weather on Venus is related to the recent unprecedented loss of polar ice on the planet.
NCEP Forecasting Continuing Record Cold Over The Arctic Ocean | Real Science
First time I have seen them forecast below freezing temperatures over the Arctic Ocean this time of year.
- Bishop Hill blog - Lilley in HuffPo
I'm amused by some of the comments, with the outraged HuffPuffers apparently unsure how to deal with him. Lilley's observation that he accepts the existence of the greenhouse effect has been met with angry denunciations and claims that he is arguing with 97% of scientists. His noting that he studied Physics at Cambridge is met with accusations that he is unqualified to comment.
Rubber Ducky Award: The New York Times | FP Comment | Financial Post
On the double-standard beat, the paper nobly refused to reproduce the “private” Climategate emails, which unearthed the shenanigans behind “settled” climate science, but couldn’t wait to publish Wikileaks. Then there was its stance on the case of Peter Gleick, the scientist who lied his way into the climate skeptical Heartland Institute so as to “out” their funding sources, then disseminated a bogus document about the institute’s alleged plans to undermine education.

The Times’ Andy Revkin thumbsucked that the “broader tragedy” was that Mr. Gleick’s actions had set back the prospect of the U.S. having the “rational public debate” that was “so desperately needed.” This from the newspaper that has long claimed that, when it comes to climate science, there is nothing to debate.

That’s some inspirational journalism!

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