Saturday, June 22, 2013


Rev. Jim Ball: Google Funding Climate Deniers? What the Heck?
[Rev. Jim Ball] Several years ago Bob [Inglis] lost his primary in part because of his courageous stand on climate change.

So what did CEI do? They actually made up buttons with "70/29" on them -- or by how much Bob lost his primary -- and put them on the seats in the auditorium.
Massive Montana mine has tribes fighting over coal exports | Grist
The Crow Nation chairman, Darrin Old Coyote, insisted that coal was a gift to his community that goes back to the tribe’s creation story. “Coal is life,” he said. “It feeds families and pays the bills.”
Op-Ed: Beware of the back-door EPA effort to impose cap-and-trade on gasoline |
Is the Environmental Protection Agency working behind closed doors to impose a global warming mandate on transportation fuels that will make drivers pay more for gasoline and weaken America's energy security? Consumers need to be vigilant in the months ahead to make sure that it doesn't.
U.N. CDM body’s cash pot tops $200 million - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, June 21 (Reuters Point Carbon) - The U.N. body behind a scheme to finance emission cuts in poor countries made $10.6 million in profit in the first quarter of 2013, taking total cash reserves to over $200 million amid record low CO2 offset prices and a dearth of new climate aid.
Climate Change Likened to Atom Bomb by Scientists | French Tribune
The reason behind this chaos is the shifting of trees to cooler areas like poles or mountains, said scientists

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