Saturday, June 15, 2013


Skeptical Nonscience | Real Science
Richard Muller pretended to be a skeptic, and obtained money on that basis. Then he claimed to have proved global warming.

He just forgot to mention that he never was a skeptic.
Twitter / Mdettinger: @jfleck Wish I'd said it: "If ...
[retweeted by Peter Gleick]  @jfleck Wish I'd said it: "If clim chg is a monster, water is its teeth."
UN Climate Change Talks End in Germany With Progress and Debate : Environment : Nature World News
The UN committee made some progress [like what, specifically?] towards a "universal agreement" on climate change, according to a UN release, but other reports say the conference was marred by a procedural debate brought on by Russia.
"Our process is very sick. We have constant problems with procedural matters and we are constantly forced to resolve problems in circumstances of haste and apprehension and anxiety," Russian climate envoy Oleg Shamanov told delegates this week.
Twitter / ClimateHawkVote: Voting for a politician who ...
[retweeted by warmist Suzanne Goldenberg] Voting for a politician who denies climate science is just as bad as voting for a politician who thinks raped women can't get pregnant.

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