Saturday, June 15, 2013

Warmist Marshall "The block function is a wonderful thing" Shepherd: You know who's allegedly "very open to engagement on climate change"? Me!

Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd, President, American Meteorological Society | Facebook
Discourse on climate change is vital but can sadly be contentious. As many know, I am a huge fan and proponent of social media. Twitter is particularly useful for high-impact and short time scale events, and I find it to be of value for quick information/science "bites" within our field. Facebook is a vehicle that provides more context. Because of Twitter's character limitations, I find it unappealing as a format for back/forth discourse. I also find that some tweeters can be deliberately hostile or antagonistic rather than respectful and informative. Further, I also find that many people have ulterior intent with some of the things that you may tweet (e.g. cherrypicking tweets for blogs/commentary/dissemination). As such, I stated that I would not engage deeply within that format.

Anyone that has been in academic or scholarly discussions with me knows that I am very open to engagement on climate change and will point to peer-reviewed literature from all perspectives. In fact, I even floated the idea, months ago, of a possible session at my 2014 AMS meeting that would give "all" sides a viewpoint at AMS and stimulate open discussion in appropriate format.
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