Sunday, June 16, 2013


DAVID ROSE: Madness of the Met Office Summit meeting to find out why our weather is... normal | Mail Online
The truth, revealed by the hard data of temperature and rainfall records, is that hot, golden British summers have always been the exception, and neither rainfall nor average temperatures have shown much change for several centuries.
How data revisionism hypes global warming | Watts Up With That?
[Monckton] Disentangling the true contribution of CO2 to warming from not only the numerous natural influences but also from the effects of data revisionism is near impossible. We shall have to wait and see. The one fact that is already clear, however, is that the warming rate predicted by the models on whose output the climate scare is founded is proving to be a hefty exaggeration.
The Economist On Germany’s Energiewende: “Web Of Grotesque Distortions” … “Will Kill German Industry”
The Economist here has an excellent analysis of the German “Energiewende” which is the country’s bold transformation to (80%) renewable energy by 2050. Right now the Economist is not too impressed, and its report should serve as a warning to other countries contemplating a similar move.
Islington Council’s cold weather initiative gets Europe-wide praise - News - Islington Gazette
A project to stop old people in Islington from falling ill and dying in cold weather has been named one of the most innovative public services in Europe.
Cold weather is a scourge | Express Comment | Comment | Daily Express
It is no surprise to see bad weather being blamed on "climate change" and yet most predictions said that phenomenon would bring warmer and dryer weather to Britain.

In fact the problem with our weather is that for much of the time it hasn't been nearly warm or dry enough.

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