Thursday, June 27, 2013


Death Valley Was Hotter During The Coldest Years Ever | Real Science
Hansen says that 1906-1915 was the coldest decade ever.
During that super-duper cold time, Death Valley set the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth.
From July 8 to July 14, 1913 – Death Valley maximum temperatures averaged 129F According to Hansen, that was the second coldest year ever.
Climate speech: Obama's howler | National Review Online
What was the most cringe-worthy moment in Barack Obama’s cringemaking anti-carbon-plan speech in Georgetown this week?
'Slow' Adoption of UK's Green Energy Efficiency Program | National Review Online
I like how “zero” homes completed in five months is only ”worryingly slow.” Or maybe “worryingly slow” is a Britishism for ”total failure.”
What Does Obama's Global-Warming Plan Look Like? | National Review Online
It looks like an increased tax break — from the current $7,500 to $10,000 — for wealthy electric-vehicle buyers like Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber to buy electric toys like their $100,000 Fisker luxury sportscars.

In a recent Pew Research poll of 21 problems, Americans said that the economy is No. 1 on their list of concerns, while global warming ranked dead last. No wonder. The Obama administration’s War on Carbon is a leading threat to economic growth.
It’s almost as if the White House can’t figure out how to use Google | Watts Up With That?
Surely it must be embarrassing for the White House that a “flat earther” blogger like me has to point these factual errors out to them.

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