Thursday, June 27, 2013


This bird rare enough for you, greenies? – Telegraph Blogs
If it weren't so sad and unnecessary it would almost be funny:

“It is tragic. More than 80 people had already arrived on the island and others were coming from all over the country. But it just flew into the turbine. It was killed instantly."
IMF: ‘Climate change will create jobs’ |
So does vandalism.
Heritage: 11 Problems with President Obama’s Climate Change Plan | National Review Online
All 11 here, but No. 4 is my favorite:
No impact on climate change. Even if the U.S. stopped emitting all carbon dioxide today (virtually halting all economic activity), the Science and Public Policy Institute found that the global temperature would decrease by 0.17 degrees Celsius—by 2100. These regulations are all pain no gain.
Shouldn’t a climate change plan address climate change?
Carbon Tax Leads to Ouster of Australian PM | National Review Online
Brad Plumer over at the Wonk Blog wonders if carbon-tax-imposing Julia Gillard getting sacked by her rival Kevin Rudd will have “broader implications for climate-change policy in the years ahead.”

Um, yes.

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