Thursday, June 27, 2013

Profiles in courage: After publishing John Kerry's suggestions that CO2 caused flooding in India, and CO2 could cut Indian crop yields in half, Revkin's 7-paragraph "reaction" fails to question either one of those

Kerry Proposes U.S.-India Push on Carbon and Climate -
[Kerry] But the country I visited this week was also grappling with the impact of extraordinary flooding responsible for the heartbreaking loss of lives and livelihoods.

Here, too, extreme weather events are causing unbelievable disruption and dislocation
...India helps feed the world, but extreme heat could actually cut in half yields of the most productive areas, wreaking havoc on global food prices.
The good news is that if we address climate change the right way, it’s not going to hurt our economies; it’ll actually grow them. Staring us in the face today is one of the greatest economic opportunities of all time – the clean energy market. The new energy market is a $6 trillion market and its fastest growing segment by far is clean energy.

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